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From Nothing to #1 in 52 Days

After touring Lake Tahoe / San Francisco / Silicon Valley with about a dozen young entrepreneurs from around the world in late February, I changed many of my short term and long term goals… I’ll probably continue to post those on this blog over time, so go ahead and subscribe to keep updated on what’s going on in my life. 

One of my short term goals was to buy a domain name related to my name and create a web presence around me and not just my business. Thus, I bought http://TylerOlson.net (still working on http://TylerOlson.com – just don’t tell him it’s me). Since that point, I’ve raced to implement some SEO practices I have learned from one of my businesses, HelpMeTy, because I wanted (when I say wanted, I truly mean needed to satisfy my inner competitive drive) to get ahead of TylerOlson.org who is a state house rep for Iowa. For those who want to know a little bit about SEO (search engine optimization), when .gov and .us websites links to you, Google highly respects that. And since this state house representative has some of those, I knew it would be a hard battle. On a side note, I have a personal vendetta against this particular state house rep because his campaign refused to give me a lawn sign for me to put in my room. 

Anyways, today – April 29th, 2009 – http://TylerOlson.net officially is in the #1 spot of Google when you search for Tyler Olson (it might not be in Iowa due to Google’s custom geographical results) and I fully intend on keeping that way. Because I will be playing with some other SEO activities in the near future, I might accidentally hurt my ranking for short periods of time, but do not worry: Tyler Olson (this one) will win.

Update: I lied. Google’s search results are so personalized that it recognized that I probably would feel better if my blog came up #1 for me. Which honestly doesn’t make me feel any better. I guess I have a little more work to do. Still in the #3 position. Updates to come…

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  1. matt mccloskey


    I am starting to do some research in SEO as well.
    I’m finding that web based tech stuff is more complicated than I though.
    One can dump a ton of money into it without being careful.


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